(A)   The disposition of all animals impounded hereunder, which have not been redeemed or purchased as authorized by this chapter within five working days of such impoundment, excluding the day of intake, the day of disposition and official holidays recognized by the town, shall be determined by the Charleston Animal Society Shelter.
   (B)   The Shelter may, at its discretion, follow any reasonable and humane course of action.
      (1)   Specifically, it may:
         (a)   Adopt, place for adoption, place with an interim foster home;
         (b)   Process pursuant to the Free Roaming Cat Program. The town hereby adopts the existing Free Roaming Cat Program of Humane Net, of which the Charleston Animal Society is a member, and the same shall be controlling over all other provisions of this chapter to the contrary, if any;
         (c)   Medically treat and/or place with an appropriate facility or agency equipped for the care of a particular animal; or
         (d)   Pursue any other alternative deemed appropriate under the circumstances, including disposing of an animal in a humane manner.
      (2)   Notwithstanding the stated, no animal may be disposed of by selling or giving such animal to any person or entity for the purpose of using the animal for experimentation, for medical or other research, or for food or other commercial processing,
('81 Code, § 90.36) (Ord. 93050, passed 10-12-93; Am. Ord. 10004, passed 3-10-10)