Terms used in this chapter have the following meanings:
AT LARGE: Off the premises of the owner or caretaker, and not under the control of the owner or caretaker by leash which a person has physical control over.
FEED: Making food available for consumption outdoors, either on the ground or at a height of less than five feet (5').  For purposes of this chapter, a person does not feed wildlife by maintaining live vegetation, such as fruit trees, gardens, or flower beds.
OWNER: Any person or persons, firm, association or corporation owning, keeping or harboring a dog or a cat.
PROPER ENCLOSURES: Shall have sidewalls with a minimum height of five feet (5') and be constructed of 11-gauge or heavier wire. Openings in the wire shall not exceed two inches (2"). Support posts shall be one and one-fourth inch (11/4") or larger steel pipe buried in the ground eighteen inches (18") or more. When a concrete floor is not provided, the sidewalls shall be buried a minimum of eighteen inches (18") in the ground.
WILDLIFE: Undomesticated animals living in the wild.  This definition includes feral cats and dogs.  (Ord. 2005-1, 2-22-2005; amd. Ord. 2005-27, 10-17-2005; Ord. 2008-23, 11-24-2008; Ord. 2020-15, 1-11-2021)