Upon payment of the license fee, the City Clerk or designee shall issue to the owner a license certificate and a metallic tag for each dog and cat so licensed. The shape and color of the tag shall be changed every year and shall have stamped thereon the certificate number. Each owner shall provide each dog and cat with a collar to which the license tag must be affixed and shall see that the collar and tag are constantly worn. In case a tag is lost or destroyed, a duplicate will be issued by the City Clerk upon presentation of a receipt showing the payment of the license fee for the current year and the payment of a fee as established by the City's fee schedule for such duplicate. Tags shall not be transferable from one animal to another and no refunds shall be made on any license fee because of the death of the animal or the owner leaving the City before expiration of the license period. The metal rabies inoculation tag shall also be kept affixed to the animal's collar at all times. (Ord. 2005-1, 2-22-2005; amd. Ord. 2007-30, 1-7-2008, eff. retroactive to 1-1-2008)