Whenever it becomes necessary to safeguard the public from the dangers of rabies, the city may order all persons owning or keeping a dog or cat to confine it securely on their premises unless such dog shall have a muzzle of sufficient strength to prevent its biting any person. Any unmuzzled dog or cat running at large after the issuance of such an order shall be seized and impounded unless noticeably infected with rabies. All dogs or cats so noticeably infected with rabies and displaying vicious propensities shall be disposed of without notice to the owner. Dogs and cats impounded during the first two (2) days of such proclamation shall, if claimed within three (3) days, be released to the owner unless infected with rabies, upon payment of the impounding charges. If unclaimed after that period, such dog or cat may be destroyed. (Ord. 2005-1, 2-22-2005)