A.   Premises Kept Clean: Any person operating or maintaining a kennel for any number of dogs or cats, either commercially or privately, or maintaining a dog or cat on a leash, or chained in a back yard or elsewhere, or allowed to roam in a fenced in yard of any size, shall clean waste material daily. All waste material shall be stored in steel containers, covered fly and watertight and to prevent any noxious odor therefrom.
   B.   Animal Wastes On Public And Private Property: No person shall allow a dog or cat owned by them or in their possession to deposit animal waste in city parks, on public property or on the property of other citizens or residents of the city. Any person charged and convicted of a violation of this subsection shall be subject to a fine or administrative penalty not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00) for the first offense and thereafter not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) for further offenses.
   C.   Animals Disturbing The Peace 1 : No person shall keep or harbor any animal, which habitually barks, cries or howls. Any such animals, which habitually bark, cry or howl are hereby declared to be a public nuisance. "Habitually barking, crying or howling" shall be defined as barking, howling or crying for repeated intervals of at least five (5) minutes, with less than one minute of interruption. Such barking, crying or howling must be audible off of the owner's or keeper's premises. Any person desiring to make an administrative or criminal complaint against the owner or keeper of a habitually barking, crying or howling animal must contact the police department and state facts supporting the alleged nuisance. The police department, upon receipt of a sufficient complaint, shall then notify the person owning, harboring or keeping the animal that a complaint has been received and that such nuisance must be abated, and remain abated for a period of two (2) months. Notice shall be sufficient for purposes of this section if the alleged violator is informed orally of the complaint or if notice of the complaint is posted upon a door of the residence where the alleged violation occurred. If the animal is not quieted within the above time period and for the above described time period, an administrative or criminal complaint may be made out against the alleged violator.
   D.   Feeding Of Wildlife Prohibited: No person shall feed wildlife within the city limits, unless that person is doing so in the course of that person’s employment as a veterinarian, city employee, or Minnesota Department of Natural Resources employee. (Ord. 2020-15, 1-11-2021)



1. See also subsection 4-4-2B5 of this code.