A.   Any person who assaults, hinders, harasses, teases, tortures, poisons, throws, shoots missiles at or harms any animal, dog or K-9 owned by or used by any local, county, state, or federal government body is guilty of a misdemeanor. It is not necessary that the animal be on duty at the time the action is taken, nor is it necessary that the person responsible for the action know that the animal is owned or used by a governmental entity in order for that person to be found guilty of a violation of this section. A violation of this section shall be punishable by imprisonment of not more than ninety (90) days and/or a fine of not more than seven hundred dollars ($700.00) and such restitution to the owner of the animal for harm caused as the court may order.
   B.   Any animal, police dog or K-9 used for law enforcement purposes, owned or used by any local, county, state or federal government body shall be exempt from any local laws pertaining to dogs, pets or animals within the city limits so long as the animals' vaccinations are kept up to date. (Ord. 2005-1, 2-22-2005)