General Provisions
   52.01   Definitions
   52.02   Tampering with equipment prohibited
   52.03   Use of groundwater as potable water supply prohibited
Water Service
   52.15   All service to be metered
   52.16   Application for taps and service connections
   52.17   Meters to be open to inspection
   52.18   Meter damaged; cost of repair
   52.19   Placement of meter; cost to relocate
   52.20   Village not liable for interruption of supply
   52.21   Inspection by village
   52.22   Water usage detrimental to system
   52.23   Electric ground wires
   52.24   Shortage and purity of supply
   52.25   Noncompliance with rules
   52.26   Fire hydrants
   52.27   Rules to become part of contract
   52.28   Tampering with waterworks or supply system
   52.29   Resale of water
Connections; Extensions
   52.40   Potable water service connection
   52.41   Cross-connection control
   52.42   Watermain extension
Fire Mains
   52.55   Private fire connections
   52.56   Issuance of special permit for connection and extension of fire main
   52.57   Expense of fire mains
   52.58   Fire connection fees
Charges; Billings
   52.70   User charge
   52.71   Billing
   52.72   Delinquent bills; lien
   52.73   Disposition of revenues
   52.74   Special provisions
   52.75   Water service billing deposit
   52.76   Metered charges
   52.77   Appeals
Administration and Enforcement
   52.85   Village or duly authorized employees to observe safety rules
   52.86   Right of entry
   52.87   Revocation of permit
   52.88   Civil action
   52.99   Penalty