Sidewalks shall be installed on every lot within the village by every person who erects a building or structure on the lot, unless the Village Board exempts the person because of facts and circumstances as determined by the Village Board that create an undue hardship, or otherwise do not require the installation of a sidewalk.
   (A)   Building permit issuance/plans for sidewalk required.  No building permit as required by the Building Code shall be issued by any governing official for the construction of any building or structure on any lot within the village until such time as a satisfactory plan for the construction of a public sidewalk together with a deposit of cash, or other security or guaranty in an amount satisfactory to the Building Officer shall be filed with the Village Clerk.
   (B)   Location/construction specifications.  Sidewalks shall be located immediately adjacent to the right-of-way line, except that sidewalks in all subdivisions approved on or after January 1, 1996 shall be located 12 inches from the street right-of-way line. The Village Zoning Officer shall have the authority to unilaterally grant a variance to the requirements hereof in order to allow existing and new sidewalks to line up. All sidewalks shall be constructed in accordance with the following.
      (1)   All sidewalks shall be constructed of Portland cement with 28-day compression strength of 3,000 pounds at a grade to be designated and approved by the Village Engineer; but no less than five-bag mix with fiber mesh (see division (B)(6) below). Minimum slump shall be three inches. All concrete shall be air-entrained. The Village Engineer shall approve other admixtures.
      (2)   For residential districts, the minimum width shall be four feet; minimum thickness shall be four inches.
      (3)   For commercial districts, the minimum width shall be five feet; minimum thickness shall be five inches.
      (4)   All sidewalks which cross anticipated driveways or other areas designated for vehicular travel shall consist of a minimum thickness of an additional 50% over and above the requirements herein.
      (5)   The subgrade of the sidewalk must be mechanically compacted to the satisfaction of the Village Engineer, Public Works Director or Building Officer. Areas where subgrade must be raised shall be filled with fine aggregate or course aggregate. Fine aggregate shall consist of sand having clean, hard, insoluble, durable gravel or broken stone. It shall contain no soft, flat or elongated pieces. The subgrade shall be dampened just before concrete is placed.
      (6)   All sidewalks shall be constructed with concrete containing fiber mesh concrete.
      (7)   All sidewalks shall be divided into blocks by transverse cuts, every five feet in walks four feet wide. Wider walks shall be divided as directed by the Building Officer or Public Works Director. These cuts shall not be less than one inch deep. One inch around all sides of each block or section shall be finished smooth and all edges of each block shall be rounded All concrete shall be finished in accordance with industry standards.
      (8)   Expansion joints shall consist of a strip of asphalt felt at least one-quarter inch in thickness and shall be placed entirely across and entirely through the depth of the sidewalk. Expansion joints shall be made between the ends of old and new sidewalks, and between the sidewalk and any street curbs against which it abuts. Expansion joints shall be placed a minimum of every 50 feet on a continuous length of sidewalk.
      (9)   All sidewalks shall be constructed to the exact grade and elevation given by the village. All sidewalks shall have a transverse slope of one-quarter inch per one foot of width from the property side down to the street side.
      (10)   All forms shall be carefully aligned and braced during construction, and the finished walk shall have an even surface.
      (11)   The installer is responsible for restoring all adjacent areas of completed sidewalk to its original condition, including bituminous pavement, if necessary.
   (C)   Inspections required.  All sidewalks constructed within the village shall be inspected by the Village Building Officer or Director of Public Works as follows:
      (1)   An inspection shall be performed upon completion of construction of the forms and before any concrete is poured. Said inspections shall include but not be limited to adequate base, proper construction of forms, elevation of sidewalk and slope of sidewalk. At least 48 hours’ notice shall be given to the village before an inspection Monday through Friday only. No concrete shall be poured until inspection is completed;
      (2)   At least 48 hours following the completion of the concrete finishing. Said inspection shall include but not be limited to elevation, slope and all aspects related to the concrete finishing; and
      (3)   The installation of any sidewalk which does not comply herewith shall be condemned by the village and shall be promptly removed and replaced within 30 days at the homeowner’s expense.
   (D)   Security; bond required when.  The deposit of cash or other security required hereby shall be returned to the party posting the same, upon the completion of the sidewalk in accordance with the specifications set forth herein.
   (E)   Completion; time limit.  The public sidewalk provided for herein shall be completed within six months after the building or structure for which the building permit was issued is completed or occupied. After the expiration of the time limit above, if the sidewalks are not completed, the village may complete or cause the sidewalks to be completed and apply the proceeds of the deposit of cash or other security towards the costs thereof, refunding any excess.
   (F)   The requirements of this section shall not be applicable to lots that are located within the M-2 Manufacturing District.
(Ord. 1999-2, Building § 3, subs. .120, passed 2-15-1999; Ord. 2019-01, passed 1-7-2019)