Overlay District Regulations
1127.01   Overlay districts.
1127.02   Design Review Overlay Districts.
1127.03   Designation of a Design Review Overlay District.
1127.04   Amendments to the underlying districts.
1127.05   Standards and guidelines for areas zoned as a Design Review Overlay District.
1127.06   Applications for a certificate of appropriateness.
1127.07   Information required for certificate of appropriateness.
1127.08   Consideration by Building and Zoning Inspector.
1127.09   Action on application.
1127.10   Planned Unit Development Overlay District.
1127.11   PUD Overlay District designation.
1127.12   Permitted uses.
1127.13   PUD development standards.
1127.14   Combined preliminary and final development plans.
1127.15   Preliminary development plan.
1127.16   Final development plan.
1127.17   Amendments (changes) to approved PUD.
1127.18   Creation of Fallen Timbers Overlay District.
1127.19   Purpose and intent.
1127.20   Effect of district.
1127.21   FT-O Overlay District additions.
1127.22   Permitted uses.
1127.23   Conditional uses.
1127.24   Limitation of retail uses.
1127.25   Record keeping.
1127.26   Future subdivision activity.
1127.27   Retail uses.
1127.28   Jerome Road Buffer Zone.
1127.29   Designated Woodlands.
1127.30   Amendments.