Clearfork Reservoir
971.01   Definitions.
971.02   General regulations.
971.021   Special provisions and regulations.
971.03   Vehicular operation and parking.
971.04   Speed of power boats.
971.05   Watercraft to carry lights.
971.06   Flashing lights prohibited; exceptions.
971.07   Siren prohibited.
971.08   Operating regulations; risk of collision; right of way.
971.09   Child operators; supervising person.
971.10   Reckless operation.
971.11   Operation in restricted areas.
971.12   Mooring prohibited in certain areas.
971.13   Operating under influence of alcohol, drugs prohibited; evidence.
971.131   Implied consent.
971.14   Incapacitated operators prohibited.
971.15   Sale of single-celled inflatable watercraft prohibited.
971.16   Sitting, standing or walking on moving craft restricted.
971.17   Engine warm-up required for certain commercial watercraft.
971.18   Children under ten must wear flotation device.
971.19   Specification for flotation devices.
971.20   Distress flag required.
971.21   Anchor, whistle and bell requirements.
971.22   Specification for fire extinguishers; prohibition.
971.23   Backfire flame arrestop.
971.24   Ventilation required on powercraft.
971.25   Abandonment forbidden; procedures for redeeming or disposing of
   abandoned watercraft or outboard motor.
971.26   Exhaust muffler required.
971.27   Craft used as dwelling prohibited if nuisance created; exceptions.
971.28   Discharging sanitary systems prohibited; exception.
971.29   Duty to provide safety equipment.
971.30   Attachment of capacity plate required.
971.31   Load, occupant and horsepower limitations.
971.32   Numbering watercraft required.
971.33   Display of number.
971.34   Tampering offenses.
971.35   Operating watercraft without certificate of title.
971.36   Administration and enforcement.
971.37   Sailboard operation.
971.38   Requirements for operation of certain powercraft by persons born in
   1982 or later.
971.39   Duty to present certificate or proof of holding it.
971.40   Powercraft rentals to persons born in 1982 or later.
971.99   Penalty.
      See sectional histories for similar State law
      Watercraft; navigation - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 1547
      Littering - see GEN. OFF. 521.08
      Vandalism - see GEN. OFF. 541.04