(a)    No person shall operate, park, stop or stand any motor vehicle or contrivance, or permit such vehicle or contrivance to be driven or parked, on any area administered by or under the control of the City, except on designated roads, driveways and parking areas provided for such purposes, without first obtaining permission from the manager of the Clearfork Reservoir.
   "Motor vehicle or contrivance" includes, but is not limited to, automobiles, trucks, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, amphibious vehicles, jet skis and similar contrivances.
   (b)    No person shall land or take off, or attempt to land or take off, any aircraft from the waters or land of the Clearfork Reservoir.
   (c)    No person shall operate or permit to be operated any motor vehicle upon the lands of the Clearfork Reservoir at a speed in excess of fifteen miles per hour.
   (d)    When properly designated, no person shall, by motor vehicle or other means, block or permit to be blocked, maintenance or fire lanes on the lands of the Clearfork Reservoir.
   (e)    No person shall stop, stand or park or permit the stopping, standing or parking of any motor vehicles in any areas of the Clearfork Reservoir which are designated as "No Parking" areas.
   (f)    The manager of the Clearfork Reservoir and his subordinates, having been designated special police by the Service Director, may utilize a traffic ticket, in lieu of arrest or summons, when citing individuals for violations of these rules and regulations which pertain to motor vehicles.
   (g)    All picnic areas shall be closed at dark. No person shall park, or permit to remain parked, a motor vehicle in designated Picnic Areas 1, 2, 3 or 4 after such areas are closed at sundown.
   (h)    Whenever any vehicle is found parked in a space where parking is not permitted, or whenever any vehicle is found parked in violation of any provision of this section, such vehicle may be impounded by any police officer of the Police Division or Clearfork Reservoir and may be operated, removed or conveyed, or caused to be operated, removed or conveyed, to a vehicle pound by such police officer. A vehicle shall be deemed to be impounded from and after the time when the police officer requests assistance for removal of the impounded vehicle. Towing of impounded vehicles may be accomplished by City forces and equipment or by the employees and equipment of the owner or lessee of land designated as a pound by the Safety Director. Impounding and removal of a vehicle may also be accomplished by operation of the impounded vehicle itself when so directed by the impounding officer and when removal is accomplished by operation of the vehicle by a police officer or an employee of the owner or lessee of land designated as a pound by the Safety Director.
   Impounding fees, payment of fees, protests of payments, administration, records to be kept and sale of impounded vehicles shall be in accordance with Chapter 307 of the Traffic Code. (Ord. 79-157. Passed 5-15-79.)
   (i)    It shall be unlawful to operate vehicles such as snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and similar vehicles upon the lands or waters of the Clearfork Reservoir Lake area.
(Ord. 73-183. Passed 5-15-73.)
   (j)    Vehicle parking shall be prohibited between the hours of darkness and dawn except in camping areas designated by the City.
(Ord. 69-297. Passed 6-17-69.)