The following special regulations set forth in this section and Section 971.03 relating to the use of the waters of, and the land area surrounding, Clearfork Reservoir Lake, are hereby established and adopted:
   (a)    Fishing and Ice Fishing Permitted. All fishing, including ice fishing, must be in accordance with ODNR fishing regulations. Provided that no person shall go upon any frozen water of the lake using a motorized vehicle, for any purpose at any time.
      (1)   No person shall go upon any frozen water of the lake for any reason other than ice fishing.
   (b)    Boat Fishing. Boat fishing includes the entire area of the Clearfork Reservoir Lake except that area within 500 lineal feet upstream from the dam.
   (c)    Shore Fishing.
      (1)    Shore fishing is permitted from 1,000 feet upstream from the dam along the south shore to State Route 314, thence east along the north shore to Bowers Road, thence north along the west shore to Orweiler Road.
      (2)    No person shall shore fish on the north shore of the Lake from the dam to Orweiler Road or fish in any area where not permitted.
   (d)   Watercraft.
      (1)   No person shall cause a watercraft to enter or leave the waters of the Lake, or to be docked, at any point on the shoreline other than areas designated by the City.
      (2)    Watercraft which are unsafe for navigation upon water shall not be permitted upon the Clearfork Reservoir area.
      (3)    The City assumes no liability whatsoever for the safety of watercraft, operators or persons upon watercraft.
   (e)    Camping. Tents, temporary structures, trailers and camping shall be lawful only in areas designated by the City.
   (f)    Swimming. Swimming or wading on any of the Lake area upstream from the dam is prohibited.
   (g)    Dam and Spillway. No person shall enter upon the dam, spillway, abutments or in or upon any of the buildings or structures connected to or used in conjunction therewith, or within 1,000 feet upstream from the dam or within the area bounded by Lexington-Ontario Road, Gass Road and State Route 97, and the east shore line.
   (h)    Property Destruction. No person shall destroy, injure, mutilate or remove any tree, bush, shrub or any other property, real or personal.
   (i)    Fires. No person shall kindle, start or maintain a fire or have a picnic except in picnic. areas designated by the City.
   (j)    Signs. No person shall erect, construct, post, maintain or display signs of any character or nature except parking, picnic and other signs authorized by the City.
   (k)    Garbage; Water Pollution. No person shall deposit any garbage, rubbish or trash in trash barrels other than trash generated or originating in the fishing and picnic areas, and no person shall deposit garbage, trash or rubbish in the waters or upon the lands of the Clearfork Reservoir area, or shall in any way or manner cause pollution of the waters or lands of the Clearfork Reservoir area.
   (l)    Animals. No person shall have a dog, animal or other pet within any park or picnic area unless upon a leash.
   (m)    Hunting. No person shall hunt on the south shore of the Reservoir Lake in the area bound by Gass Road on the east, by Bowers Road on the west and by State Route 97 on the south.
      (1)   Hunting, except as set forth in paragraph (m) herein shall be in accordance with the Ohio Hunting and Trapping Regulations issued annually by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife as such pertain to Whitetail Deer Hunting, Small Game and Furbearer hunting, Furbearer trapping, Youth Waterfowl hunting, Military Waterfowl hunting and Waterfowl hu nting according to the appropriate zone as determined by ODNR. No other type of hunting or trapping shall be permitted.
      (2)   Hunting shall be limited to the use of longbows, crossbows, shotguns and muzzleloaders.
      (3)   Waterfowl hunting as set forth herein, shall be limited to the period of time from thirty (30) minutes before sunrise until sunset during the appropriate season.
   (n)    Intoxicants. No person shall be in possession or control of an open container of an alcoholic beverage or be found in a state of intoxication or, being intoxicated, shall disturb the peace and good order, or shall conduct himself in a disorderly manner within the Clearfork Reservoir Lake area.    
   (o)    Horseback Riding. No person shall ride a horse, or permit a horse to be, on any area of the Clearfork Reservoir Lake area except the main roads of the area as designated by the Public Works Director.
      (Ord. 21-204. Passed 10-5-21.)