(A)   Health maintenance is primarily a personal responsibility and it is the individual’s responsibility to correct unsatisfactory job performance or behavioral problems caused by alcohol or drug abuse.  In an effort to assist employees, the city will provide various means for employees and their family members to remain aware of the dangers of substance abuse in the workplace and to overcome drug- and alcohol-related problems.
   (B)   Employees with a personal, drug- or alcohol-related problem are encouraged to volunteer to participate in a approved rehabilitation program, upon referral from the Employee and Family Assistance Program, before work performance becomes affected.
   (C)   Participation in a rehabilitation program will not be considered a barrier to employment, nor a cause for disciplinary action.  Employees will not be disciplined merely because of participation in a rehabilitation program, or excused from the disciplinary consequences of conduct in violation of this subchapter or any other city policies or job requirements.
   (D)   Any employee identified through a city investigation as having a substance abuse problem also may not avoid disciplinary action by requesting to participate in an approved rehabilitation program.
   (E)   Circumstances in each case will be evaluated to determine the course of action to be taken (i.e., whether the employee will be offered the opportunity to participate in a rehabilitation program and/or will be subject to discipline).
(Ord. 2016-17, passed 10-4-16; Am. Ord. 2020-11, passed 8-4-20)