(A)   Users shall provide necessary wastewater pretreatment as required to comply with this chapter and shall achieve compliance with all applicable pretreatment standards within the time limitations as specified by appropriate statutes, regulations, and ordinances.  National Categorical Pretreatment Standards shall be incorporated in this chapter by reference.  Any facilities required to pretreat wastewater to a level acceptable to the city shall be provided, properly operated and maintained at the user's expense.  Detailed plans showing the pretreatment facilities shall be submitted to the city for review and must be acceptable to the city before construction of the facility.  The user shall obtain all necessary construction-operating permits from the ISBOH.  Such pretreatment facilities shall be under the control and direction of an ISBOH certified wastewater treatment operator.  The review of such plans shall in no way relieve the user from the responsibility of modifying its facility as necessary to produce an effluent acceptable to the city under the provisions of this chapter.  Within a reasonable time after the completion of the wastewater treatment facility, the user shall furnish its operations and maintenance procedures for the city to review.  Any subsequent significant changes in the pretreatment facilities or method of operation shall be reported to and be accepted by the city prior to the user's initiation of the changes.
   (B)   The city shall annually publish in the Madison Courier a list of users who have caused significant violations of any pretreatment requirements or standards during the previous 12 months.  The notification shall also summarize any enforcement actions taken against those users during the same 12 months.
(Ord. 1984-35, passed 12-18-84)