(A)   The city may inspect the facilities of users to ascertain whether the purposes of this chapter are being met and if all requirements of the chapter are being complied with.  Persons or occupants of premises where wastewater is created or discharged shall allow the city or its representatives ready access upon presentation of credentials at reasonable times to all parts of said premises where wastewater is generated or chemicals are stored for the purposes of inspection, sampling, examination of records required to be kept by this chapter, and in the performance of any of their duties.  The city shall have the right to set up on the user's property such devices as are necessary to conduct sampling, monitoring, and metering operations.  Where a user has security measures in force which would require suitable identification necessary arrangements with their security guards so that upon presentation of suitable identification, personnel from the city shall be permitted to enter immediately for the purposes of performing their specific responsibilities.  Such arrangements shall be made by users with their security guards within 30 days of the passage of this chapter.
   (B)   Users and city shall maintain records of all information resulting from any monitoring activities required by this chapter or, in the case of industrial users, by Section 403.12(n) of the General Pretreatment Regulations.  The city and industrial users shall maintain such records for a minimum of three years.  This period of retention shall be extended during the course of any unresolved litigation regarding the discharge of pollutants by the industrial user or operation of city's pretreatment program or when requested by the Superintendent.
(Ord. 1984-35, passed 12-18-84)