General Provisions
   1.1   Purpose and policy
   1.2   Administration
   1.3   Abbreviations
   1.4   Definitions
General Sewer Use Requirements
   2.1   Prohibited discharge standards
   2.2   Abnormal waste surcharge
   2.3   National categorical pretreatment standards
   2.4   Local limits
   2.5   Board’s right of revision
   2.6   Dilution
Pretreatment of Wastewater
   3.1   Pretreatment facilities
   3.2   Additional pretreatment measures
   3.3   Accidental discharge; slug control plans
   3.4   Hauled wastewater
Wastewater Discharge Permit Application
   4.1   Wastewater analysis
   4.2   Wastewater discharge permit requirement
   4.3   Wastewater discharge permitting: existing connections
   4.4   Wastewater discharge permitting: new connections
   4.5   Wastewater discharge permit application contents
   4.6   Application signatories and certification
   4.7   Wastewater discharge permit decisions
Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance Process
   5.1   Wastewater discharge permit duration
   5.2   Wastewater discharge permit contents
   5.3   Wastewater discharge permit appeals
   5.4   Wastewater discharge permit modification
   5.5   Wastewater discharge permit transfer
   5.6   Wastewater discharge permit revocation
   5.7   Wastewater discharge permit reissuance
   5.8   Regulation of waste received from other jurisdictions
Reporting Requirements
   6.1   Baseline monitoring reports
   6.2   Compliance schedule progress reports
   6.3   Reports on compliance with categorical pretreatment standard deadline
   6.4   Periodic compliance reports
   6.5   Reports of changed conditions
   6.6   Reports of potential problems
   6.7   Reports from unpermitted users
   6.8   Notice of violation; repeat sampling and reporting
   6.9   Notification of the discharge of hazardous waste
   6.10   Analytical requirements
   6.11   Sample collection
   6.12   Timing
   6.13   Record keeping
   6.14   Certification statements
Compliance Monitoring
   7.1   Right of entry; inspection and entry
   7.2   Search warrants
Confidential Information
   8.1   Confidential information
Publication if Noncompliant
   9.1   Publication of users in significant noncompliance
Administrative Enforcement Remedies
   10.1   Notification of violation
   10.2   Agreed orders
   10.3   Show cause hearing
   10.4   Compliance orders
   10.5   Cease and desist orders
   10.6   Administrative fines
   10.7   Emergency suspensions
   10.8   Termination of discharge
Judicial Enforcement Remedies
   11.1   Injunctive relief
   11.2   Civil penalties
   11.3   Criminal penalties
   11.4   Remedies nonexclusive
Affirmative Defenses to Discharge Violations
   12.1   Upset
   12.2   Prohibited discharge standards
   12.3   Bypass
Miscellaneous Provisions
   13.1   Pretreatment charges and fees
Effective Date
   14.1   Effective date