General Regulations
   52.01   Regulations controlling the use of water
   52.02   Interference with work on utilities
   52.03   Tapping water prohibited
   52.04   Subdivision approval
   52.05   Flood hazard areas
   52.06   Removal of utility from jurisdiction of Indiana Regulatory Commission
Rates and Charges
   52.20   Charge to be paid for all service rendered
   52.21   Tapping/inspection fees
   52.22   User classes and billing methods; water service rates and charges; minimum charges; fire protection charges and fees
   52.23   Meter deposit
   52.24   Temporary users
   52.25   Late payment charges
   52.26   Disconnection of service for nonpayment; reconnection charge
Water Conservation Program
   52.40   Application of water conservation procedures
   52.41   Definitions
   52.42   Role of Mayor, Board and Utility Manager
   52.43   Four levels of conservation
   52.44   Voluntary conservation
   52.45   Restricted water use
   52.46   Level 3 - prohibited water use
   52.47   Level 4 - water rationing
   52.48   Notice of water conservation level to users
   52.49   Enforcement
   52.50   Discontinuance of water service