The city believes each employee has the right to be heard when such employee feels he is being treated in an unreasonable or unfair manner.
   (A)   To assure an orderly and effective method of resolving employee complaints, the following procedure is to be followed.
      (1)   Step 1.  The employee is to discuss the matter with his supervisor who has the responsibility to listen to the complaint, investigate the matter, and attempt to resolve it promptly.
      (2)    Step 2.  In the event the supervisor is unable to satisfactorily settle the matter within a reasonable length of time, not to exceed three working days, the employee may present the complaint to the department head within three days of the supervisor's answer.  The department head shall investigate the matter and personally discuss the matter with the employee in an attempt to resolve it.  The department head shall give the employee an answer to the complaint within three days after the meeting.  Should the matter remain unresolved, the employee may present the complaint to the Mayor, in writing, within three days of the department head's answer.
      (3)    Step 3.  The employee's written complaint shall be reviewed by the Mayor who shall submit a written decision within a reasonable time period.  Every effort shall be made to reach such a decision within a ten-day period from receipt of the employee's written complaint.
      (4)    Step 4.  If the complaint concerns a disciplinary matter or an issue involving the application of work rules, the employee may, within three days of the Mayor's answer at Step 3 advise the Mayor in writing that he desires to have the matter investigated by a fact-finding body.  In this event the Mayor shall refer the matter to the Labor Management Commission.  The Commission shall appoint a committee comprised of three members of the Commission, one from each sector, and the Executive Director of the Commission who shall investigate the matter, including the gathering of evidence and the taking of testimony.  After evaluation of the issue the committee shall submit its findings and recommendations to the Mayor who shall give such recommendations due consideration and advise the employee in writing of his decision, such decision shall be final and binding. Every effort shall be made to complete Step 4 within 30 days of the employee's written request.
   (B)   In order for any complaint to be valid it shall be timely and shall be made known to the supervisor within five working days of the alleged occurrence.  Reference to days at any step of the complaint procedure is considered working days.
   (C)   Any complaint, not processed by the employee within the time limits at any step of the complaint procedure, shall be considered settled on the basis of the city representative's last answer.
   (D)   The complainant may at his discretion obtain the assistance of a co-worker in presenting his complaint at the third stage of the complaint procedure.
(Ord. 1982-6, passed  - -  )