General Provisions
   50.001   Short title
   50.002   Definitions
   50.003   Animal Control Program
   50.015   Administrator
   50.016   Personnel and facilities
   50.017   Funding
   50.018   Authorization for requiring registration
   50.019   Duties
   50.020   Police power; cooperation of Police Department
   50.021   Causes for removal of Administrator from office
   50.022   Inspections; entry
   50.023   Fees for registration of dogs and cats
   50.024   Fees for registration of litters
   50.040   Impoundment
   50.041   Registration of impounded dogs and cats
   50.042   Notice of impoundment
   50.043   Redemption of impounded animal; conditions for redemption
   50.044   Animals not redeemed
   50.045   Release without spaying or neutering prohibited
   50.046   Humane societies exempt
   50.047   Payment for rabies inoculation
   50.048   Notice of picking up or confining strays to pound
   50.049   Dogs and cats in heat
Reporting and Confinement After Biting
   50.060   Confinement of animal after reported bite
   50.061   Veterinarian to examine and report to Administrator
   50.062   Confinement in owner’s house
   50.063   Post-confinement examination of dog
   50.064   Noncompliance; violations
   50.065   Confinement period for animal which has bitten a person
   50.066   Bite reporting and investigation
   50.067   Sterilization of biting animals
Vicious and Dangerous Dogs
   50.080   Enforcement and authorization
   50.081   Dangerous dogs
   50.082   Control methods for dangerous dogs
   50.083   Vicious dogs
   50.084   Microchip identification of dangerous and vicious dogs
   50.085   Appeals
   50.086   Exemptions
   50.100   Liability of owner of dog attacking or injuring person
   50.101   Killing of dog seen to injure, wound or kill farm animals
   50.102   Liability of owner of dog causing damage to domestic animals
   50.103   Exemption from liability
Claims and Reimbursement
   50.115   Reimbursement procedure for owners of farm animals killed or injured by dog
   50.116   Reimbursement amounts
   50.117   Claims for loss of animals killed or injured by dogs
   50.118   Payment to owner not a bar to action for damages
Rabies Vaccinations and Rabies
   50.130   General government powers in prevention of spread of rabies
   50.131   Inoculation against rabies required annually; tags to be issued
   50.132   Sale and distribution of vaccine
   50.133   Vaccination tags provided by county; responsibility for each tag issued
   50.134   Vaccination tags honored in all counties
   50.135   Recognized immunity period
   50.136   Dogs exhibiting signs of rabies
   50.137   Unvaccinated impounded dogs
   50.138   Biting animal considered officially vaccinated
   50.139   Brains of suspect animals to be submitted for examination
   50.140   Biting animal not inoculated against rabies
   50.141   Wild animals
Disposal/Destruction for Humane Reasons
   50.160   Destruction of animals for humane reasons
   50.161   Disposal of unwanted animals
Cruelty to Animals
   50.175   Animal treatment
   50.176   Animal fighting
   50.177   Noncompliance
Fees and Animal Control Fund
   50.190   Authority to require fees
   50.191   Remittance of fees into Animal Control Fund
Nuisance Provisions
   50.205   Nuisances
   50.206   Penalty for nuisance violations
   50.999   Penalty