Offenses Against the Peace
   130.001   Resisting arrest, without the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon
   130.002   Obstructing a peace officer
   130.003   False reporting
   130.004   Interfering with a firefighter
   130.005   Disturbing the peace
   130.006   Disorderly conduct
   130.007   Curfew
   130.008   Violence on a service dog; interference with a service dog
   130.009   Window peeping
   130.010   Loud, unnecessary noise
Offenses Against Property; Nuisances
   130.020   Maintaining a nuisance
   130.021   Prohibited fences
   130.022   Appliances in yard
   130.023   Weeds, litter, stagnant water
   130.024   Littering
   130.025   Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles
   130.026   Abandoned automobiles
   130.027   Injury to trees
   130.028   Collection of taxes, real estate, bonded indebtedness, destruction or removal of buildings
   130.040   Discharge of firearms
   130.041   Unlawful possession of a revolver
   130.042   Slingshots, air guns, BB guns
Controlled Substances
   130.055   Drinking on public property; possession of open alcoholic beverage container
   130.056   Driving under the influence; person under 21 years of age
Pretrial Diversion Program
   130.065   Definition of program
   130.066   Eligibility
   130.067   Application
   130.068   Screening applicants
   130.069   Provisions of plan and program
   130.070   Denial; notification administrative review
Sex Offender Residency Restrictions
   130.080   Findings and intent
   130.081   Definitions
   130.082   Residence prohibition; penalties; exceptions