(A)   Prohibited location of residence. It is unlawful for any sexual predator to reside within 500 feet from a school or child care facility.
   (B)   Measurement of distance. For purposes of determining the minimum distance separation, the distance shall be measured by following a straight line from the outer property line of the residence to the nearest outer boundary line of the school or child care facility.
   (C)   Penalties. A person who violates this section shall be punished as provided generally by this code.
   (D)   Exceptions. This section shall not apply to a sexual predator who:
      (1)   Resides within a prison or correctional or treatment facility operated by the state or a political subdivision.
      (2)   Established a residence before July 1, 2006, and has not moved from the residence; or
      (3)   Established a residence after July 1, 2006, and the school or child care facility triggering the restriction was established after the initial date of the sexual predator's residence at that location.
(Ord. 617, passed 9-4-2007; Ord. 815, passed 1-4-2018) Penalty, see § 10.99
Statutory reference:
   Related state law provisions, see Neb. RS 29-4017