(A)   The Nebraska Legislature has found that certain sex offenders present a high risk to commit repeat offenses and has enabled municipalities to restrict such persons place of residency as provided in the Sexual Predator Residency Restriction Act.
   (B)   Sex offenders who prey on children and who are high risks to repeat such acts present an extreme threat to public safety. The cost of sex offender victimization to these children and to society at large, while incalculable, is exorbitant.
   (C)   It is the intent of this subchapter to serve the city's compelling interest to promote, protect, and improve the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city by creating certain areas around locations where children regularly congregate in concentrated numbers, where certain sexual predators cannot reside.
(Ord. 617, passed 9-4-2007; Ord. 815, passed 1-4-2018)