No person in charge or control of any property within the municipality, other than municipal property, whether as owner, tenant, occupant, lessee, or otherwise, shall allow any partially dismantled, inoperable, wrecked, junked, or discarded vehicle to remain on the property longer than 30 days. No unlicensed vehicle shall be permitted to remain on any private or public property for any length of time; provided, this section shall not apply to a vehicle in an enclosed building; to a vehicle on the premises of a business enterprise, operated in a lawful place and manner, when the vehicle is necessary to the lawful operation of the business; or to a vehicle in an appropriate storage place or depository maintained in a lawful place and manner by the municipality. Any vehicle allowed to remain on property in violation of this section shall constitute a nuisance and shall be abated, and any person violating this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
(1990 Code, § 6-321) (Ord. 442, passed 7-11-1995; Ord. 459, passed 5-7-1996) Penalty, see § 10.99