Plans, Permits and Fees
1303.01   Filing and dating applications, plans and specifications.   
1303.02   Plot plan required.
1303.03   Contents of plans and specifications.
1303.04   Approval of alternate construction or materials.   
1303.05   Imperfect plans and specifications.
1303.06   Changes, deviations; approvals.
1303.07   Building permit required; reference plan copies.   
1303.08   Permit issuance before complete plans submitted.
1303.09   Permit exceptions.
1303.10   Other permits and approvals.
1303.11   Permit revocation.
1303.12   Requesting periodic inspections required.
      Zoning certificates - see P. & Z. 1107.04
      Conditional zoning certificates - see P. & Z. Ch. 1113
      Penalty for failure to obtain permit - see BLDG. 1302.99(c)