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(Art. 1, Title, Amended by Ord. No. 161,249, Eff. 6/20/86.)
71.00   Scope and Definitions.
71.01   Authority of Board to Adopt Rules.
71.01.1   Authority of Designated Employees of the Department of Transportation to Make Arrests and Issue Citations.
71.01.2   Authority of Designated Employees of the Department of Transportation to Have Access to Summary Criminal History Information.
71.02   Operation of Vehicles – Permits Required.
71.02.1   Suspension of Taxicab Permit.
71.02.2   Monetary Penalties for Taxicab Operators.
71.02.3   Use of Public Rights-of-way.
71.02.4   Operation of Taxi Apps – Permits Required.
71.03   Driving of Vehicles – Permits Required.
71.04   Ambulance Attendants – Permits Required.
71.04.1   Non-ambulatory Passenger Vehicle Attendants – Permits Required.
71.05   Application and Annual or Monthly Fee for Vehicle Permits.
71.06   Application for Driver and Ambulance Attendant Permits.
71.06.1   Application Processing and Other Fees.
71.06.2   Fees for Services Provided Outside of Normal Working Hours.
71.06.3   Review of Fees for Service.
71.07   The Board’s Power to Revoke or Suspend Driver, Attendant, or Vehicle Permits.
71.08   Grounds for Denial, Revocation, Suspension or Cancellation of Permit.
71.09   Procedures for Denial, Revocation, Suspension or Cancellation of Permits by the General Manager or His Authorized Representative.
71.09.1   Rehearing.
71.09.2   Monetary Penalties for Driver, Vehicle and Attendant Permittees.
71.10   Regulations During Suspension Period.
71.11   Duration and Renewal of Permits.
71.14   Insurance or Bond Required.
71.15   Contracts Between Owners and Employees.
71.16   Taxicab Identification.
71.16.1   Vehicle Identification.
71.17   Licenses.
71.18   Permitted Vehicle Zones.
71.19   Vehicle Signs.
71.20   Disclosure of Taxicab Fares, Fees, or Rates.
71.20.1   Taxicab Advertising Displays.
71.21   Other Signs – Permit Required.
71.22   Taximeters.
71.23   Circuitous Routes.
71.24   Excess Charges.
71.25   Authority of Board to Establish Rates.
71.26   Transportation Regulation and Enforcement Trust Fund.
71.27   Inspection of Limousine Waybills.
71.28   Compensation to Gain Access to Passengers.
71.29   Regulation of Shared Mobility Devices.
71.29.1   Provider and Device Fees.
71.29.2   Rules.
71.29.3   Violations and Notice of Violations.
71.29.4   Requests for Administrative Hearing and Appeal.
71.30   Regulation of Personal Delivery Devices.
71.31   Restrictions on Electric Bicycle, Motorized Scooter, and Other Mobility Device Rentals at Venice Beach.