General Provisions
   51.01   Water-carried sewerage facilities required
   51.02   Tampering with water and sewer pipes
   51.03   Discharge of stormwater and unpolluted drainage
   51.04   Disposal of effluent from carwash
Sewer and Water Connections
   51.15   Access to water and sewer lines in town
   51.16   Connection of property to sewer and water lines required; tapping fee
   51.17   Permit required to connect property to sewer or water line and to install certain fixtures
   51.18   Type of sewerage pipe required
   51.19   Water tap for trailer parks
   51.20   Unauthorized connections
   51.21   Water/sewer extension policy
   51.22   Access to water and sewer lines in the extraterritorial zoning area
Water Use
   51.35   Special meters for water used to irrigate lawn or shrubbery
Rates and Charges
   51.50   Connection or tapping charges
   51.51   Deposit required prior to turning on water supply; purpose and refund of deposit
   51.52   Schedule of charges for water and sewer service
   51.53   No exceptions to charges permitted
   51.54   Delinquent bills
   51.55   No charge for services furnished to retired town employees
Water Shortages
   51.70   Water shortage response plan
   51.99   Penalty