NOTE: The Charter of the City of Lewisburg was issued in 1782 by the State of Virginia. Amendments to this charter were enacted by ordinance of the City, pursuant to W.Va. Code
      Sec. 1.01.      Incorporation.
      Sec. 1.02.      Powers of the City.
      Sec. 1.03.    Construction.
      Sec. 1.04.    Intergovernmental Relations.
      Sec. 1.05.    Residency
      Sec. 1.06.      Open Government
      Sec. 2.01.     Powers and Duties of City Council.
      Sec. 2.02.    Composition; Eligibility; Election; Term.
      Sec. 2.03.    Compensation; Expenses.
      Sec. 2.04.      Ethics and Prohibitions.
      Sec. 2.05.    Vacancies, Forfeiture of Office and Removal.
      Sec. 2.06.      Judge of Qualifications.
      Sec. 2.07.    Inquiries or Investigations.
      Sec. 2.08.      DELETED
      Sec. 2.09.      Independent Audit.
      Sec. 2.10.      Conduct of Business.
      Sec. 2.11.      Action Requiring an Ordinance.
      Sec. 2.12.      Ordinances in General. (9-15-20)
      Sec. 2.13.      Emergency Ordinances.
      Sec. 2.14.      Franchises.
      Sec. 2.15.      Codification; Printing.
      Sec. 3.01.      Appointment, Powers and Duties of the Mayor.
      Sec. 3.02.      Qualifications of the Mayor.
      Sec. 3.03.      Compensation of the Mayor.
      Sec. 3.04.    Ethics and Prohibitions
      Sec. 3.05.      Vacancies, Forfeiture of Office and Removal.
      Sec. 3.06.      City Clerk.
      Sec. 3.07.      Appointment, Powers and Duties of City Manager. (9-15-20)
      Sec. 3.08.      Appointment, Powers and Duties of City Treasurer.
      Sec. 4.01.      General Provisions.
      Sec. 4.02.      Boards, Authorities, and Commissions.
      Sec. 4.03.    Judge of the Police Court.
      Sec. 4.04.      City Attorney.
      Sec. 4.05.      Personnel System.
      Sec. 5.01.      Fiscal Year.
      Sec. 5.02.      Submission of Budget and Budget Message.
      Sec. 5.03.     Budget Message.
      Sec. 5.04.      Budget.
      Sec. 5.05.    Capital Program.
      Sec. 5.06.    Council Action on Budget.
      Sec. 5.07.    Council Action on Capital Program.
      Sec. 5.08.      Public Records.
      Sec. 5.09.    Amendments After Adoption.
      Sec. 5.10.    Lapse of Appropriations.
      Sec. 5.11.    Administration of Budget.
      Sec. 6.01.    Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.
      Sec. 6.02.    Comprehensive Plan.
      Sec. 6.03.      Board of Zoning Appeals.
      Sec. 6.04.    Membership and Vacancies in Office.
      Sec. 7.01.    City Elections.
      Sec. 7.02.    Nominations and Certification of Candidates.
      Sec. 7.03.    Ballots.
      Sec. 7.04.      Determination of Election Results.
      Sec. 8.01.    Prohibitions.
      Sec. 8.02.    Gifts.
      Sec. 8.03.       Holding Two Offices.
      Sec. 8.04.    Loss of Qualifications.
      Sec. 8.05.    Oaths and Bonding.