113.01   Public dancing place and public dance defined
   113.02   City permit required
   113.03   Authority of City Council to issue permit; duration of permit
   113.04   Form, contents and requirements for approval of permit; investigations and inspections; permit fees
   113.05   Issuance and required display of permit
   113.06   When and how permit revoked
   113.07   No refund of fee when permit revoked; permit not transferable or assignable
   113.08   Police officer to be present during public dance; responsibility of permit holder at public dance; liability of officers
   113.09   Persons prohibited at public dance; regulation of certain minors
   113.10   Prohibited hours
   113.11   Prohibited conduct; alcoholic liquors prohibited
   113.12   Lighting and responsibility of permit holder
   113.13   Violations
Statutory reference:
   Dance halls, see M.S. 412.221