70.01   Definitions
Driver's License
   70.10   Unlicensed driver
   70.11   License not in possession
   70.12   Driving with canceled, suspended or revoked license
   70.13   Possession of revoked or altered license
   70.14   Permitting unlawful use of license
   70.15   Displaying another's license
   70.16   Lending license to another
   70.17   Allowing unauthorized person to drive
   70.18   Permitting unauthorized minor to drive
   70.19   Violation of restricted license
   70.20   Possession of commercial driver license or commercial driver instruction permit
Vehicle License
   70.30   Possession of registration
   70.31   Operation without license plates
   70.32   Driving with suspended or revoked registration
   70.33   Substitution of license plates
   70.34   Renewal of registration during assigned month; expiration of staggered license plates or validation stickers
Vehicle Equipment
   70.50   Safety glass required
   70.51   Replacement of opening with safety glass required
   70.52   Glass impairing operator's vision prohibited
   70.53   Windshield wipers required
   70.54   Rear vision mirror required
   70.55   Horn required
   70.56   Sirens and whistles prohibited
   70.57   Exhaust system and muffler
   70.58   Headlights required
   70.59   Taillights required
   70.60   Stop lights required
   70.61   Illumination of license plates
   70.62   Auxiliary driving lights
   70.63   Spot lamps; aiming and adjustment
   70.64   Adjustment of other lamps
   70.65   Motorcycles required to have headlamps
   70.66   Headlamps on mopeds
   70.67   Blue lights on fire vehicles
   70.68   Seat belt use required
   70.69   One-way glass, adhesive film or other glaze in rear window prohibited