71.01   Adoption of traffic regulations
   71.02   Reckless driving
   71.03   Careless driving
   71.04   Exhibition driving
   71.05   Reasonable and lawful speed
   71.06   Unreasonably slow speed
   71.07   Restrictions as to speed
   71.08   Establishment of speed zones
   71.09   Wrong way on a one-way street
   71.10   Right-of-way at intersections
   71.11   Yielding right-of-way to emergency vehicles
   71.12   Left turning vehicles
   71.13   Turn signal required
   71.14   U-turn prohibited in no-passing zone or where unsafe
   71.15   Passing in a no-passing zone
   71.16   Designation of no-passing zones; pavement striping; marking no-passing zone
   71.17   Following too close
   71.18   Maximum number of passengers in front
   71.19   Yielding right-of-way to pedestrian making proper crossing
   71.20   Jaywalking; duty to yield right-of-way to vehicles
   71.21   Indication of right-of-way by stop or yield signs
   71.22   Stop and yield signs to designate through streets
   71.23   Action required at stop signs; place of stopping
   71.24   Yield sign
   71.25   Standing or parked vehicles; unobstructed lane required
   71.26   Dead storage
   71.27   Position of parking on two-way road
   71.28   Position of parking on one-way road
   71.29   No parking zones posted by city
   71.30   Opening of doors on traffic side of stopped vehicles
   71.31   Removal of vehicles improperly parked or standing
   71.32   Disabled vehicle excepted
   71.33   Places where standing and parking prohibited
   71.34   Places where parking prohibited
   71.35   Places where parking prohibited; exception for loading or unloading
   71.36   Unauthorized movement of another vehicle into prohibited area
   71.37   (Reserved)
   71.38   Use of privileges by non-handicapped person
   71.39   Unauthorized parking in handicapped space
   71.40   Time limit on parking
   71.41   Emergency vehicles; circumstances under which may disregard traffic regulations
   71.42   Emergency vehicles; particular regulations which may be disregarded
   71.43   Emergency vehicles; use of emergency signals required
   71.44   Emergency vehicles; duty of operator
   71.45   Emergency vehicles; duty of other motorists upon approach
   71.46   Emergency vehicles; stop required upon approaching stopped emergency vehicle using signals
   71.47   Following fire apparatus; minimum following and parking distance
   71.48   Driving over fire hose prohibited
   71.49   Duty of motorist to slow or stop in obedience to amber of red signal of school bus
   71.50   Failure to stop on signal or eluding police vehicle
   71.51   Fleeing from police
   71.52   Unsafe backing prohibited
   71.53   Through streets
   71.54   Policy for snow removal and cleaning of streets
   71.55   Prohibited operation/parking during street cleaning operation
   71.56   Snow removal - general
   71.57   Uniform Traffic Device Code adopted
   71.58   Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverage in vehicle
   71.59   Lane driving
   71.60   Other traffic-control devices; directions by police officer
   Definitions, see § 70.01