1.08.180 Decision of administrative hearing officer.
   The administrative hearing officer shall issue a written decision entitled "administrative order" no later than thirty days after the date on which the administrative hearing concludes. The administrative order shall include the administrative hearing officer's written decision to uphold or cancel the administrative citation. The decision shall set forth the reasons for the decision. If the administrative hearing officer upholds the administrative citation, the city shall retain the fine deposited by the responsible person. If the administrative hearing officer upholds the administrative citation and the fine has not been deposited pursuant to an advance deposit hardship waiver, the administrative hearing officer shall specify in the decision a payment schedule for the fine. If the administrative hearing officer cancels the administrative citation, any fine deposited with the city shall be promptly refunded. The administrative order shall be served upon the responsible person by registered mail. Service shall be deemed effective on the date of mailing. The administrative order shall become final on the date of service, and shall notify the responsible person of the right to appeal as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 629, § 2, 2009).