Title 9
   9.04   Noise--Disorderly Conduct
   9.06   Burglar and Robbery Alarms
   9.08   Loitering and Soliciting from Streets
   9.09   Loitering by Criminal Street Gangs
   9.10   Smoking Prohibited in Public Recreational Areas, City Facilities, and City Workplaces
   9.12   Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages
   9.15   Topless and Bottomless Waitresses and Performers
   9.20   Coloring Baby Fowls and Animals
   9.24   Gaming--Gambling
   9.28   Lookouts
   9.36   Discharging of Weapons
   9.40   Minors
   9.42   Threats with Replica Firearms
   9.44   Parades
   9.48   Protection of Streets
   9.50   Painting of House Numbers on Curbs
   9.52   Throwing Missiles
   9.56   Gates
   9.60   Unsightliness
   9.64   Swimming Pools, Excavations, and Abandoned Chests
   9.76   Gate-Crashing
   9.84   Abandoned Wells
   9.85   Use of Newsracks
   9.90   Graffiti
   9.96   Skateboards and Other Wheeled Devices Prohibited
   9.98   Admission Charge and Loud or Unruly Parties
   9.100   Urinating or Defecating in Public Places
   9.102   Abatement of Public Nuisance Residential Units
   9.106   Camping and Storage of Personal Property
   9.108   Noncharitable Soliciting
   9.109   Charitable Soliciting
   9.110   Use of City-Owned Facilities, Recreation and Athletic Facilities, and Adjoining Open Space Areas Restricted
   9.112   Shopping Carts
   9.114   Narcotics and Gang-Related Crime Prevention Program
   9.116   Garage Sales
   9.117   Use of the City Seal and Logos
   9.120   Fourth of July Block Parties
   9.124   Maintenance of Foreclosed and Abandoned Residential Properties
   9.128   Rewards for Information on Crimes
   9.132   Maintaining and Registering Vacant or Abandoned Commercial Properties and Storefronts
   9.133   Cannabis Prohibitions and Regulations
   9.140   Unlawful Possession of a Catalytic Converter Prohibited



For constitutional provisions authorizing cities to make and enforce within their respective limits such local police regulations which are not in conflict with the general laws, see Article 11, Section 7 of the California Constitution.