1.08.270 Content of compliance order.
   A compliance order shall contain all of the following information:
   (a)   The date and location of the violation and the approximate time the violation occurred.
   (b)   The municipal code section violated and a description of the violation.
   (c)   The action required to correct the violation and the date by which such action must be completed. Except as otherwise provided in this section, the date for compliance shall not be less than thirty days from the date the compliance order is served.
   (d)   The consequences of failing to correct the violation, including a description of the administrative hearing procedure and appeal process.
   (e)   The time period after which administrative fines will begin to accrue if there is not full compliance with the order.
   (f)   The amount of the fine that will be imposed if there is not full compliance with the order.
   (g)   The name and signature of the citing official. (Ord. 629, § 2, 2009).