1.08.030 Arrests and citations.
   (a)   Pursuant to the provisions of state law, the city officers or employees designated by the city manager to make misdemeanor arrests may issue citations and make arrests without a warrant whenever they have reasonable cause to believe that the person who is either arrested or to whom a citation is issued has committed an infraction or misdemeanor violation of this code, or violation of any condition of any permit issued pursuant to this code or violation of any other city ordinance or state statute which such officers or employees have the duty to enforce, and the violation has been committed in the presence of such officers or employees.
   (b)   Arrests for misdemeanors and citations for infractions shall be processed, issued and handled as provided by state law.
   (c)   In any case in which a person is arrested pursuant to this authority and the person arrested does not demand to be taken before a magistrate, the officer or employee making the arrest shall prepare a written notice to appear and release the person on his promise to appear, as prescribed by Chapter 5(c), commencing with Section 853.5, of the Penal Code.
   (d)   The officers and employees identified in subpart (a) of this section and any other persons designated to do so by the city manager shall have the concurrent authority to issue administrative citations. (Ord. 629, § 2, 2009).