Chapter 10.16
   10.16.010   Hours.
   10.16.020   Vehicle restrictions.
   10.16.030   Vehicle and motor vehicle defined.
   10.16.040   Parking of trailers and semitrailers prohibited.
   10.16.050   Parking regulations--La Mirada Mall.
   10.16.055   Parking regulations--City property.
   10.16.060   Regulation of parking in city-owned off-street parking facilities and public parks.
   10.16.070   Authority to tow vehicles.
   10.16.080   Parking regulations--Curb markings.
   10.16.090   Parking restrictions applicable to nonconforming vehicles on city streets.



For statutory provisions authorizing the regulation of parking by local authorities, see Veh. Code 22506 and 22507.