(a)   Each proposed ordinance or resolution shall be in writing and shall not contain more than one subject, which shall be clearly stated in the title. General appropriation ordinances may contain the various subjects and accounts for which moneys are appropriated. The vote on the passage of each ordinance or resolution shall be officially recorded and the official record shall be publicly available.
   (b)   No resolution of a permanent character or ordinance shall come to a vote until it has been read, by title, on three separate days. The requirement of reading on three separate days may be dispensed with by a two-thirds vote of all councilmembers. A majority of councilmembers present may require that an ordinance be read in full rather than by title.
   No ordinance, resolution or section of an ordinance or resolution shall be revised or amended unless the new ordinance or resolution contains the entire ordinance or resolution or section to be revised or amended, and the ordinance, resolution or section revised or amended is repealed.
   (c)   No ordinance or resolution shall under any circumstances be adopted or passed unless it has been read on three separate days, which (1) changes the amount of salary or compensation for any elected officer of the city; (2) amends any zoning ordinance; (3) grants, renews or extends a franchise or other special privilege; or (4) regulates the rate to be charged by a public utility for its services.
   (d)   The enacting clause of all ordinances passed by council shall be "Be it ordained by the city of Lakewood." The enacting clause of all ordinances submitted by initiative shall be "Be it ordained by the people of the city of Lakewood."