(a)   Meetings. At 7:30 p.m. on the first Monday in January following each regular municipal election or, if that Monday falls on a holiday, on the first Tuesday, council shall meet at the usual place of holding council meetings. After the first meeting, council shall meet at times established by its rules or by ordinance or resolution.
   The mayor, president of council, or any three members of council may call special meetings of council upon written notice served in whichever ways are reasonably calculated to give members of council the most immediate notice possible, at least six hours before the time of the meeting. Any notice of a special meeting shall state the subject or subjects to be considered at the meeting and no other subject shall be considered.
   All meetings of council or its committees shall be open to the public, except that executive sessions may be held in accordance with general law.
   (b)   Election of Council Officers. The president and vice president of council shall be elected at the first meeting of council by a majority of those present. The member of council present who has the longest consecutive tenure of office shall preside over the organizational meeting until the president of council is elected.