Editor's note:
   Chapter 1244, previously a codification of Ord. 78-O-31, passed March 6, 1978, was re-enacted in its entirety by Ord. 94-O-28, passed July 5, 1994. Ord. 94-O-28 was in turn repealed and this chapter was re-enacted in its entirety by Ord. 97-O-63, passed March 2, 1998.
1244.01   Subdivision classification and application requirements.
1244.02   Minor subdivision procedures.
1244.03   Minor subdivision requirements.
1244.035   Major subdivision procedures.
1244.04   Preliminary plat requirements.
1244.05   Filing date; fee. (Repealed)
1244.06   Public hearings. (Repealed)
1244.07   Notification of and action by State Transportation Director.
1244.08   Approval of preliminary plat. (Repealed)
1244.09   Effective period of approval.
1244.10   Final plat requirements.
1244.11   Filing period; official filing date.
1244.12   Approval of final plat.
1244.13   Filing with County Recorder.
1244.14   Procedures for conservation developments.
   Authority to adopt subdivision regulations - see Ohio R.C. 711.101
   Final approval of plat required - see P. & Z. 1242.02
   Plat and subdivision defined - see Ohio R.C. 711.001
   Revision of plat after approval - see P. & Z. 1242.03
   Revision of plats - see Ohio R.C. 711.28 et seq.
   Sale of land before plat approval - see P. & Z. 1242.04
   Subdivision proposals in flood hazard areas - see B. & H. 1446.04
   Vacating plats - see Ohio R.C. 711.17 et seq.
   Violation of regulations - see Ohio R.C. 711.102