72.01   Parallel and angle parking
   72.02   Parking on highways prohibited in general
   72.03   Mandatory clear, unobstructed view of vehicle parked in highway
   72.04   Extended parking on Highway 16A (Winter Street) prohibited
   72.05   Payment of fine upon violation of prohibited parking in Highway 16A
   72.06   Immobilization of motor vehicle
   72.07   Notice of vehicle immobilization
   72.08   Release of immobilized vehicle
   72.09   Post immobilization hearing
   72.10   Towing and impoundment for failure to pay fines
   72.11   Immobilization, towing and storage fees
   72.12   Time period for enforcement
   72.13   Hearing or trial
   72.14   General parking prohibitions
   72.15   No parking zones established; signs posted
   72.16   Traffic fines and bond schedule
   72.17   Designated parking spaces for commercial business employee parking spaces
   72.18   Commercial employees designated parking