The Planning Commission shall maintain, amend, alter or change the Comprehensive Plan for the development of the City. The Comprehensive Plan consists of maps, charts and textual matter which shall indicate the recommendations of the Commission for the continuing development of the City. The Comprehensive Plan shall include, but need not be limited to, the following rated basic elements:
   (a)   A statement of objectives of the Municipality concerning its future development;
   (b)   A plan for land use, which may include the amount, intensity and character of land use proposed for residence, industry, business, agriculture, major traffic and transit facilities, public grounds, flood plains and other areas of special hazards and other similar uses;
   (c)   A plan for the movement of people and goods, which may include expressways, highways, local street systems, parking facilities, mass transit routes, terminals, airfields, port facilities, railroad facilities and other similar facilities or uses;
   (d)   A plan for community facilities and utilities, which may include public and private education, recreation, Municipal buildings, libraries, water supply, sewage disposal, refuse disposal, storm drainage, hospitals and other similar uses; and
   (e)   A map or statement indicating the relationship of the City and its proposed development to adjacent municipalities and areas.
   In preparing the Comprehensive Plan, the Commission shall make careful surveys and studies of existing conditions and prospects for future growth in the City.
(Ord. 3914. Passed 11-30-71.)