General Provisions
   53.001   Definitions
   53.002   Applicability
   53.003   Depositing certain wastes prohibited
   53.004   Discharge of untreated water prohibited
   53.005   Construction of privies
   53.006   Injury to wastewater facility equipment
Powers and Authority of Inspectors
   53.020   Right of entry
   53.021   Right of entry in easements
   53.022   Right to obtain information; withholding of confidential information
   53.023   Observation of safety rules; liability for injury
Private Waste Disposal
   53.035   Connection with private system
   53.036   Permit required; inspection fee
   53.037   Inspections
   53.038   Sanitary operation required
   53.039   Connection to public sewer
   53.040   Construal of provisions
   53.041   Private waste disposal application
Building Sewers and Construction
   53.055   Connections required
   53.056   Sewer connection fees
   53.057   Inspection by Superintendent
   53.058   Costs to be borne by owner of building
   53.059   Separate sewer required; exception
   53.060   Use of old sewers
   53.061   Building sewer construction
   53.062   Location of sewer
   53.063   Connection to public sewer
   53.064   Certain connections prohibited
   53.065   Excavations to be lighted; restoration of streets
   53.066   Residential or commercial building sewer application
Use of Public Sewers
   53.080   Discharge of unpolluted waters
   53.081   Discharge of stormwater
   53.082   Prohibited discharges
   53.083   Limitations on certain discharges
   53.084   Authority of Superintendent
   53.085   Interceptors
   53.086   Maintenance of pretreatment facilities
   53.087   Structure to facilitate sampling and observation required
   53.088   Measurements, tests and analyses
   53.089   Special agreement to accept industrial waste
Industrial Wastes
   53.100   Compliance required
   53.101   Definitions
   53.102   Admission into public sewer
   53.103   Prohibited discharges
   53.104   Control of admissible wastes
   53.105   Protection from damage
   53.106   Powers and authority of enforcing agents
   53.107   Surcharge
   53.108   Billings; liens
Rates and Charges
   53.120   Purpose of rates; rules and regulations
   53.121   Disposition of funds
   53.122   Service deposit
   53.123   Sewer rate structure
   53.124   Disconnection for late payment
   Solid waste, see Chapter 50
   Wastewater treatment, see Chapter 52
   Water, see Chapter 51