Exterior Property Maintenance Code
1365.01   Title.
1365.02   Findings and declaration of policy.
1365.03   Purpose.
1365.04   Definitions.
1365.05   Applicability.
1365.06   Independent responsibilities of parties.
1365.07   Nuisances, hazards and unsanitary conditions.
1365.08   Appearance of residential premises and structures.
1365.09   Appearance of nonresidential premises and structures.
1365.10   Structural soundness and general maintenance.
1365.11   Reconstruction of walls and sidings.
1365.12   Freedom from infestation.
1365.13   Property Maintenance Officer.
1365.14   Inspections.
1365.15   Conduct of inspectors.
1365.16   Refused access.
1365.17   Procedure for abatement; notice; appeal.
1365.18   Existing offenses and violations not discharged.
1365.19   Powers and duties of Property Maintenance Officers.
1365.20   Inspection and status reports.
1365.21   Certificate of necessity.
1365.22   Registration of buildings consisting of four or more dwelling units.
1365.99   Penalty.
   Injuring and committing nuisances in buildings - see Ohio R. C. 2909.09
   Power to regulate building sanitation - see Ohio R. C. 715.26
   Health, safety and sanitation- see GEN. OFF. Ch. 660
   Unsafe buildings - see BLDG. Ch. 1369