It is hereby found and declared that there exists in the City structures used for residential and nonresidential use which are, or may become in the future, substandard with respect to structure and maintenance, or further that such conditions including but not limited to structural deterioration, lack of maintenance and appearance of exterior of premises, existence of fire hazards and insanitary conditions which constitute a menace to the health, safety, welfare and reasonable comfort of the residents and inhabitants of the City. It is further found and declared that by reason of lack of maintenance and progressive deterioration certain properties have the further effect of creating blighting conditions and initiating slums, and that if the same are not curtailed and removed, the aforesaid conditions will grow and spread and will necessitate in time the expenditure of large amounts of public funds to correct and eliminate the same. By reason of timely regulations and restrictions as herein contained, the growth of slums and blight may be prevented and the immediate neighborhood and property values thereby maintained, the desirability and amenities of residential and nonresidential uses and immediate neighborhoods enhanced and the public health, safety and welfare protected and fostered.
(Ord. 1970-44. Passed 6-23-70.)