The exterior of the premises, the exterior of dwelling structures and the condition of accessory structures shall be maintained so that the appearance of the premises and all buildings thereon shall reflect a level of maintenance in keeping with the residential standards of the immediate neighborhood so that in order that the appearance of the premises and structures shall not constitute a blighting factor for adjoining property owners nor an element leading to the progressive deterioration and downgrading of the immediate neighborhood with the accompanying diminution of property values including the following:
   (a)    Storage of Commercial and Industrial Material. No person shall store or use at a location visible from the sidewalk, street or other public areas, equipment and materials relating to commercial or industrial uses unless permitted under the zoning ordinances for such premises.
   (b)   Portable Storage Device or Portable Storage Structure. The terms portable storage device or portable storage structure (“PODs”) shall mean any device or structure which is designed to be portable or transportable and not intended to be affixed to, or placed upon, any residential lot or land on a permanent basis. PODs shall be permitted, subject to the following:
      (1)   PODs shall remain on the same lot and at such time as a main dwelling unit has been constructed.
      (2)   PODs shall be removed from the property within thirty (30) days of original placement and shall not exceed one placement per ninety (90) days.
      (3)   PODs shall be located in such manner as to not obstruct the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on the property, or to and from the property.
      (4)   PODs shall not be located in any right-of-way or within twenty-five (25) feet of any right-of-way.
      (5)   The maximum number of PODs located on any property shall not exceed two (2).
      (6)   PODs located at a property, in conjunction with a residential remodeling project may remain for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days after the project is completed.
   (c)    Landscaping. Premises shall be maintained so that lawns, hedges and bushes shall not become overgrown and unsightly where exposed to public view and where the same constitute a blighting factor depreciating adjoining property and impairing the good residential character of the immediate neighborhood.
   (d)    Signs. All signs permitted by other regulations or as a lawful nonconforming use shall be maintained in good repair. Printed matter, pictures or illustrations contained thereon shall be completely maintained or when no longer in use completely removed.
   (e)    General Maintenance. The exterior of every structure or accessory structure, including fences, shall be maintained in good repair and all surfaces thereof shall be painted where necessary for purposes of preservation and appearance, surface coated with a protective coating or treated to prevent rot and decay. The same shall be maintained free of broken windows, crumbling stone or brick, peeling paint or other conditions reflective of deterioration or inadequate maintenance so that the property itself may be preserved, safety and fire hazards eliminated and adjoining properties and the immediate neighborhood protected from blighting influences. (Ord. 2016-61. Passed 6-14-16.)