The exterior of the premises and all structures thereon shall be kept free of all nuisances and any hazards to the safety of occupants, pedestrians and other persons utilizing the premises and free of unsanitary conditions. Any of the foregoing shall be promptly removed and abated by the owner or operator. It shall be the duty of the owner or operator to keep the premises free of hazards which include but are not limited to the following:
   (a)    Refuse. An accumulation of brush, broken glass, stumps and roots that present a safety hazard, or garbage, trash and debris which present an unsanitary condition or a safety hazard;
   (b)    Natural Growth. Dead trees and limbs or other natural growth which, by reason of rotting or deteriorating conditions or storm damage, constitute a hazard to persons in the vicinity thereof;
   (c)   Storm Drainage. Drainage of roofs and paved areas, yards, and courts, and other open areas on the premises shall not be discharged in a manner that creates a public nuisance or redirects water towards an adjoining property;
   (d)    Overhangings. Loose and overhanging objects which, by reason of their location above ground level, constitute a danger of falling on persons in the vicinity thereof;
   (e)    Foundation Walls. Foundation walls shall be kept structurally sound, free from defects and damage and capable of bearing imposed loads safely.
   (f)    Chimneys and All Flue and Vent Attachments Thereto. Chimneys and all flue and vent attachments thereto shall be maintained structurally sound, free from defects, so maintained as to capably perform at all times the functions for which there were designed and shall be capable of withstanding the action of flue gasses.
      (Ord. 2016-62. Passed 6-14-16.)