General Provisions
   71.01   Authority of police, fire officials
   71.02   Obedience to traffic regulations required; public employees not excluded
Traffic Signs and Signals
   71.10   Authority of city to install
   71.11   Specifications for traffic-control devices
   71.12   Appropriate sign required to be in place
   71.13   Stop signs
   71.14   Yield signs
   71.15   Turn markers
   71.16   One-way streets and alleys; signs
   71.17   Interference with official traffic-control devices prohibited
Vehicle Operation
   71.30   Speed limits
   71.31   U-turns prohibited
   71.32   Entering intersection with insufficient space on other side
   71.33   Backing vehicle
   71.34   Driving vehicle on sidewalks prohibited
   71.35   Persons propelling pushcarts or riding animals
   71.36   Use of coasters, roller skates, or the like
   71.37   Boarding, alighting from vehicles
   71.38   Unlawful riding on vehicles
Emergency Vehicles
   71.50   Authorized emergency vehicles
   71.51   Following emergency vehicles
Parades; Funeral Processions
   71.65   Drivers in funeral or other procession
   71.66   Funeral processions to be identified
   71.67   Permit requirements for processions or parades
Municipal Parking Lots
   71.70   Hours open to the public
   71.99   Penalty