• Section 5.07  Temporary Buildings and/or Uses.
   (a)   A temporary building and/or use shall be reviewed in accordance with the provisions outlined in Section 3.08.
   (b)   The following standards shall apply to temporary buildings and/or uses:
      (1)   The granting of a permit for the temporary building and/or use shall in no way constitute a change in the basic uses permitted in the district or on the property where the temporary building and/or use are permitted.
      (2)   No temporary building shall be located on a parcel without a permanent, principal building.
      (3)   Temporary buildings (including tents and commercial vehicles) may not be used for commercial purposes unless the proposed building/use is incidental to an existing commercial use located on the same parcel.
      (4)   With the exception of Sidewalk Café Service, approval may be granted for a period not to exceed one (1) year.
      (5)   All temporary buildings shall comply with all setback requirements for the district in which the building is being located.
   (c)   Use of Property as Voting Place.  This Zoning Ordinance shall not be so construed as to interfere with the temporary use of any property as a voting place in connection with a City or other public election.
   (d)   Outdoor seasonal sales shall be permitted at any retail establishment, subject to the following conditions.
      (1)   The request for outdoor sales shall be submitted, in writing to the Zoning Administrator, prior to the beginning of the sale and shall outline the time period for the outdoor sales.
      (2)   Any tents being used as part of the outdoor sale shall be approved only upon the issuance of a building permit and an inspection by the Fire Marshal.
      (3)   All outdoor seasonal sales shall comply with the standards of Section 6.18.