• Section 5.15  Garage Sales.
   (1)   Garage sales are permitted on all residentially zoned property in the City for homeowners or tenants to sell household items. General retailers and resellers are not permitted to operate under the garage sale provisions.
   (2)   No more than three (3) garage sales are permitted in any calendar year and seven (7) days must pass between each consecutive sale.
   (3)   Sales are permitted for no more than four consecutive days between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm.
   (4)   Sale items cannot be stored outside overnight prior to the start of the sale and must be moved inside of a structure upon the completion of a sale.
   (5)   During the sale, precautions must be taken to prevent items from blowing onto neighboring properties.
   (6)   Motor vehicles, alcohol, and food items are prohibited to be sold through garage sales.