General Provisions
   155.01   Short title
   155.02   Purpose
   155.03   Official design and construction standards of city
   155.04   Improvement permit required for all land improvements; application; fee
   155.05   Alleys
   155.06   Abutments, bridges, and culverts
   155.07   Bulkheads and retaining walls
   155.08   Curb cuts
   155.09   Cuts and patches into city right-of-way
   155.10   Drainage
   155.11   Driveways; parking aprons
   155.12   Fences, walls, bushes, or hedges
   155.13   Obstructions placed in public right-of-way prohibited; exceptions
   155.14   Streets; naming and renaming of streets and city facilities
   155.15   Improvements required when subdividing land or parcel of land
   155.16   Vacations
   155.17   Special assessment statutory procedures adopted by reference
Sidewalks; Abutting Property Owners
   155.30   Duty of owner as to repairs and maintenance
   155.31   (Reserved)
   155.32   (Reserved)
   155.33   Failure to comply with maintenance requirements
   155.34   Specifications for cutting or removing sidewalks or curbs; permit and bond
   155.35   Construction of certain building improvements; plans to include provisions for sidewalks
   155.36   All work to be supervised by city
   155.37   Nonapproved work may be condemned
   155.38   Violation
Trees in Public Right-of-Way
   155.50   Intent; purpose
   155.51   New construction or improvements; plans to show existing tree locations
   155.52   New construction or improvements; required planting of new trees; trees adjacent to utilities
   155.53   Installation, maintenance by abutting property owners
   155.54   Removal of existing trees in swale areas by abutting property owners
Administration and Enforcement
   155.75   Engineering Department to administer, enforce
   155.99   Penalty
   Appendix:   Tables of Design and Construction Standards
   Streets and Sidewalks, see Chapter 103