A.   Whenever the issuance of a permit requires the applicant to submit plans and specifications for review by the building official, when the permit is issued, the building official must endorse in writing or stamp "Approved" the submitted plans and specifications. Such approved plans and specifications shall not be changed, modified, or altered without authorization from the building official and all work shall be done in accordance with the approved plans.
   B.   A copy of the approved plans and specifications must be kept at the work site to which the plans and specifications pertain at all times during which the work authorized thereby is in progress and shall be open to inspection by the building official.
   C.   The building and safety division must retain a copy, as public record, of the plans and specifications submitted and approved as part of a permit for a period of not less than ninety (90) days from the date of completion of the work covered therein. (Ord. 3280, 2-24-2020)